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PIN Entry Stand Alone Employee Time Clock-Black
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PIN Entry Stand Alone Employee Time Clock-Black

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The Pin Entry Stand Alone Employee Time Clock:

Supports 80 employees Tracks regular time, overtime and gross wages Lets supervisor make edits, check attendance, and view hours at the clock Print reports, Who's In/out, Missed Punches, Details, Totals, and Wages directly at your DOS-compatible printer, or through your PC Allow employees to view last punch and hours worked directly at the clock Support all pay period types Track tips and job numbers Includes free 30-day technical support

What's in the box?

PIN Entry StandAlone Employee Time Clock *AC power adapter *User Manual *Locking wall-mounting bracket *Two mounting keys *PC ReporterTM software to view and print reports on a PC *25-foot USB communications cable (for PC Reporter installations) *One-year parts and labor warranty


Stand Alone Time Clock tracks upto 80 employees' time and attendance

Automatically calculates standard hours, overtime hours and gross wages - with or without a PC

Supervisors can make edits, check attendance, and view hours right at the clock

Print reports, Who's In/out, Missed Punches, Details, Totals, and Wages directly at your DOS-compatible printer, or through your PC

Automatic Adjustment for Daylight Saving Time

Product Details:
Product Weight: 4.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 3 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 2.5 ( 3 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5The only Clock of its KindMar 04, 2011
By Steven A.
I used an old Icon Time clock for many years. When it came time to replace it. I did a lot of searching. I found that it is one of the only clocks that can print directly to a printer without a PC interface. It has a PC interface, but you dont need to use it.
It is the ONLY clock I found that lets you create your own pay periods. A lot of clocks advertise that they do Bi'Monthly, Weekly, etc, but those are preset date ranges, and cannot be changed. This is a deal breaker for anyone using a payroll company or accountant who needs a few days to process, make, and deliver a paycheck on a certain date. You need a Custom Pay-period. This is the only stand alone clock that allows this. The only one without a complicated PC based operating system.
I dealt with the Customer service and technical support of Icon time when I got the replacement clock, and they were exceptional. (I ordered the wrong clock at first). They did not stop helping me until I was happy, and I got the right clock with no break in service.
I give this clock 5 stars. Easy to use, reliable, and most importantly, you can set whatever payroll dates you want.
This is my second Icon Time Clock, Ive been using them for Ten Years. Never a problem.

2Just OK, not great.Aug 15, 2012
By G. Jenkins
I have used this product for a long time now and am not very impressed. The software and instructions that come with it are not very intuitive. I wanted to delete an employee and it wasn't covered in the manual so I called the company and they wanted to charge me. That is their short coming! Just thinking about this gets my blood boiling.

1Very disappointing, filled with glitches and errorsApr 19, 2012
By Matt S.
I bought this time clock to replace our old card punch time clock after it broke. We have had nothing but problems with this clock. The employees are at the point where they write down their own hours because there are so many glitches and errors in this clock that they worry they will not be paid for all of their hours worked. From "memory full" errors (the clock will not let us manually purge old pay dates) to "not signed in" errors (even though employees are signed in properly- I have to log into the clock and manually submit out punches when this occurs), this clock has been the source of constant headache and frustration. The direction booklet is helpful for the initial set-up functions, but offers little to no solutions for the numerous issues that we have encountered.

My boss is furious that we wasted $300 on the clock and we are looking for an alternative. Customer support tried to be helpful, but it basically boiled down to them not being able to help because they are trained on the "new" software. Instead they offered a very reasonable alternative- "the software is old, you should buy one of our new clocks!"

I would never recommend this specific clock to anyone, and I personally will never buy another Icon time clock again.

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